Mac In the Workplace

Businesses everywhere are realising the potential that the Mac Range can bring to their employees by giving them the freedom to use the tools they already know and love.

Mac is built with the best hardware and software and it’s also designed to work seamlessly with iPhone and iPad. Making productivity better than ever on Mac and with a new generation of apps for business. OS X is making it even easy for IT teams to deploy at scale.

  • Power and Performance
    Mac offers thin and light notebooks to powerful desktop computers and is packed with advanced hardware and software that work together seamlessly, delivering everything that employees need to work.
  • Software and Hardware
    Apple designs both the software and hardware, every Mac delivers the best possible experience for employees. OS X works seamlessly with hardware in every Mac, from the super-responsive trackpads that make Multi-Touch gestures feel natural to the multicore Intel processors and fast flash storage, a Mac is instantly ready to perform any task.
  • Technology
    Every Mac has some seriously advanced technology — from state-of-the-art processors to graphics, storage and memory. Even with an enormous amount of power packed into such a slim design, Mac notebooks have advanced energy saving technologies that last through the workday.
  • Built to Work
    With it’s remarkable thin and light unibody design, Mac notebooks are incredibly portable, yet strong enough to handle just about anything employees might come across.

  • The Environment
    Apple approaches things differently that’s why every Mac is energy-efficient and free of many harmful toxins, making them more environmentally friendly.
    The decision to offer Mac as a choice stemmed from the belief that employees would be more productive on the platform they choose.
  • Complement
    When employees use both Mac and an iOS device together, they’re able to do so many incredible things. A Mac will work with iPhone and iPad in ways no other computer can offer, as they run many of the same applications allowing employees to move seamlessly between devices without missing a beat.
  • Familiar
    Most employees already know how to use iPhone and iPad and will be comfortable with a Mac in no time. OS X comes with many of the same applications as iOS, which means employees will work productively no matter which device they choose to work from.
  • Continuity
    When using both Mac and an iOS device together, employees can make and receive phone calls on their Mac, even if their iPhone is in another place. They can start an email, edit a document or surf the web on one device and pick up where they left off on another. Employees can even activate their iPhone’s Personal Hotspot from their Mac to get online anywhere.
  • Wireless
    The latest technologies in OS X allows employees to work the way they want, without being tethered down by cables. Employees can deliver presentations wirelessly with AirPlay and Apple TV, and share files easily with AirDrop — even from a Mac to an iOS device.

Easy to Deploy

IT teams Breath Easy
Easy integration into corporate environments allows organisations everywhere to manage Mac much like they manage iPhone and iPad. The OS X is secure by design, there’s no need for IT teams to install additional tools or lock down functionality. Automated zero-touch deployment process means you don’t even have to open the box.
The OS X helps Mac fit in anywhere, including Microsoft Exchange environments and with the same networking standards as iPhone and iPad, OS X can easily connect to your corporate networks and VPNs.

With built-in support for MDM (Mobile Device Management), Mac can be managed with many of the same controls that IT teams use for other platforms. Apple Device Enrolment Program and Volume Purchase Program allows a Mac to set itself up automatically out of the box with everything your employees need. No system imaging required.

Built-in Security
OS X was designed with advanced technologies that work together to constantly monitor, encrypt and update each Mac and with built-in tools like FileVault 2 and Gatekeeper help secure your data and protect users from malware without additional software.

Easy to support
Mac is designed to be simple and intuitive, employees need less support from traditional help desk services. Most employees can be fully sufficient with just a few self-service resources. Apple offers support programs from AppleCare so that employees can get the assistance they expect from any Apple product.

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