HP Live Vault Cloud Recover

HP Live Vault Cloud Recover

HP LiveVault Cloud Server Backup & Recovery for Enterprises

  • Distributor of Hewlett Packard Autonomy Cloud Backup Service in Asia Pacific
  • Eliminates Tape and Lowers Backup Manpower Requirements
  • Lowers Cost and your Backup Window
  • Suitable for 5 to 500 Virtual or Physical Servers
  • Australian Highly Available Tier III ISO/IEC 27001:2005 Data Centres
  • Hot, Warm System or Individual File Recovery Available
  • Payment Card Industry Compliant (PCI-DSS)
  • Three Geographically Dispersed Copies of Data with a Local Vault for Fast Restores and up to 40Gbps replication speeds

HP LiveVault is a highly reliable, online managed server backup and recovery service that assures fast and accurate restoration locally and remotely. With up to 7 years of data retention selectable and up to three copies of your backup data made it is the solution to replace tape. Best of all it will slash your backup window.
Before the data leaves your server AES 256 bit encryption is applied. Digital certificates ensure that both the server and the vaults are identified before any data is transmitted. The data is then transmitted and stored in the encrypted form. Once stored it remains encrypted so only the holder of a separate encryption key or the original server can restore the data. Data can be restored to virtual disaster recovery instances or to the orginal server so you can be up and running again in minutes.Choose Australia’s largest online managed server backup and recovery service with over 1 million Gigabytes of protected data. Operating since 1999 from Australian Tier III data centres with ISO/IEC 27001:2005 and PCI-DSS certification we give you the uncompromised security. We are the pioneers of Managed Online Server Backup in Australia and the distributor of HP Online Backup in Australia and New Zealand.

HP LiveVault Enterprise gives you a dedicated onsite HP vault (called a TurboRestore Appliance) from which you can backup your Local Area Network servers and also your distributed servers out on the Wide Area Network. The TurboRestore Appliance then handles the replication to the off sites vaults, giving you three copies of your data from which you can restore.

The TurboRestore Appliance reduces your Local Area Network based backup and restore times to minutes whilst cutting the need for tape, tape drives and manual processes.

Network bandwidth upward of 128Kbps is all that’s need to support a HP LiveVault backup. If your distributed servers have backup problems due to a lack of an IT professionals presence, or bandwidth constraints then HP LiveVault is your answer.

Fully automated online scheduling means you will never have a failed backup again. VMware, Windows, Solaris and Linux based servers are supported along with most major databases including Lotus Notes, Exchange and SQL Server.


Easy-to-use, automatic, secure, and reliable server protection
Proactive administration, monitoring, and notification
Unique understanding of data to maximize backup value
Robust meaning-based search via keywords, concepts, and metadata
Virtualized environment support including Hyper V and VMware ESX
Unmatched security and scalability
Fast and easy recovery
Patented data reduction technologies on Windows, VMware, Solaris and Linux
Application support for Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SQL Server and Lotus Notes

Achieves cloud data protection and long term offsite retention
Provides real-time, meaningful collection of server data for backup and recovery, legal hold, efficient data discovery, and dataanalytics
Removes the burden of complex, daily backup chores
Delivers point-in-time recovery of server data by continuous backup
Provides data security with coveted certifications such as PCI DSS and ISO 27001

HP LiveVault Cloud Backup for Small Business

  • HP LiveVault Online Server Backup and Recovery for 1-5 Servers
  • Simple Flat All Inclusive Fee
  • Continuous Backup, Off Site Storage & Recovery in One
  • Supports Windows, VMware and Linux as well as Exchange, SQL and MySQL

Now it’s so simple to backup and store offsite. Upgrade out of older tape technology to online backup and forget about tapes, tape drives, manual changing, backup software and offsite storage.
HP LiveVault server backup and recovery fully automates and streamlines the protection of your data through the following essential functions:

Continuous backup - HP LiveVault continuously protects your distributed data, from any location, ensuring complete recovery after a loss
Fully automated backup – Backups occur automatically over the Internet or via private network connection. No manual staff intervention is required
Rapid recovery – A unique delta restore technology automatically recovers only the data that has changed since your last backup, accelerating recovery so you can resume operations almost immediately after a data loss
Built-in protection of open files and databases – CloudRecover provides built-in support for open file and database backup without complex plug-ins or costly third-party tools
Web-based management – Through a Web portal interface, you have point-and-click access to your data – at any time, from anywhere – for simplified backup and recovery
Subscription service provides secure off-site data storage in one of CloudRecover’s secure Australian Data Centres, instant scalability and unmatched ease of use, and requires no capital investment. A fully managed service, your data backups are monitored 24 x 7x 365 through our Service Operations Centre and stored at one of the most secure commercially available data centres in the world.

Enterprise Laptop Desktop and mobile device Backup

  • Secure Your Distributed Enterprise PC & Mac Data
  • Meaning Based Search Across all Data in the Enterprise – No Matter Were it is
  • With Scheduled and Automated Backups, Data is Always Available
  • Keeps Enterprise Data Off-site and Secure in Cloudrecover’s PCI Complaint Vaults (with subscription service)
  • Unlimited Scalability
  • Frees Up IT Time with Optional User Initiated Restores
  • Enterprise Wide De-Duplication and Encryption for PC & Mac
  • Access the Data Anywhere via the Agent, the Web, IOS or Android

A Solution for Total Enterprise Backup
Cloudrecover’s Enterprise Laptop Backup solution provides fully automatic backup and recovery for enterprise desktops and laptops. Business-critical information is protected — no matter where in the enterprise it resides — eliminating the risk of PC data loss.
The PC Backup solution provides these functions:

Backup: Scheduled and automatic disk-to-disk backup is transparent to users and fast, even over dial-up connections.
Recovery: Users can recover lost files quickly and easily, whenever and wherever needed, even on their mobile device.
Heal: Quickly repairs damaged or corrupted applications, configurations, and files on any PC — without calling the Help Desk.
MyRoam®: Web-based access portal lets users access their backed-up data anywhere, without IT intervention.

Easy to Use for Both IT & End Users
IT personnel can use PC Backup’s intuitive graphical user interface to manage and monitor backup policies from a single central console, either over the corporate network or over the Internet. Flexible scheduling runs backups at the most convenient times. Bandwidth Throttling gives control over upload bandwidth, so that backups don’t interfere with other high-priority tasks.

The Cloudrecover Backup solution works transparently, so that users can keep working while backups continue automatically in the background. If users ever need to recover information — from a single file to an entire system — they can access data through a secure Web portal, minimizing calls to the Help Desk.

With the Cloudrecover Backup solution, users can be more productive, IT can focus on other tasks, and enterprises can be sure that data is always secure and accessible.

Patented Technologies Reduce Network & Storage Costs
Cloudrecover’s PC Backup solution uses advanced, patented technologies to reduce the volume of backed-up data up to 85 percent. This decreases the storage necessary for backup and recovery, cuts the time for data transfer, and diminishes the load on enterprise networks. The result is greater cost savings for the enterprise.
Delta Block® sends only the changed data in files, saving transmission time and storage requirements. For example, when a document changes, Delta Block only backs up the changes at the block level. This patented technology reduces backup time, minimizes network traffic, decreases the size of stored files, and enables backup even over low-bandwidth connections.
SendOnce® eliminates duplicate files by saving each file only once. This patented technology backs up files to a SendOnce pool, preventing identical copies from being stored in multiple user archives. Enterprises avoid the time and expense of storing the same files repeatedly.
EmailOptimizer® (PC only) reduces the storage space for email files by 30 percent. This optional service recognizes duplicate email attachments and stores them only once, significantly reducing storage requirements.

Disaster Recovery

15 minute snapshots with secure off-site transfer
Every 15 minutes we take a secure snap shot of the whole server to a local appliance and automatically ship the changed blocks off site to our data centre.

Image conversion and proven system integrity
Snapshots received at the vaults are ready to be restored to a standby Hyper V copy of the protected server. Critically and uniquely, only the changed data needs to be restored to the image that has been pre booted into a virtual test environment and tested for integrity to ensure it is fully functional.

Guarantee on invocation and rescue
Because we already know the recovery works latest data can be accessed within minutes of a request and over layed on the standby image. We are so confident of this robust approach that we offer a guarantee: we can make your systems available in under twice the time it takes during any test invocation. If we fail, you do not pay.

Fast remote flexible system access
Depending upon the situation, you may have lost a single server, your entire network or the entire physical environment. You may have plans for key staff to continue work from home-office locations or from more formal recovery facilities. No matter what the situation, we can provide secure access to the rescued environment via VPN or Terminal Services and enable business to continue.

Planned migration off the platform
The recovery platform can remain in place long enough to enable you to implement more permanent replacement facilities. Once in place, you can migrate systems off the recovery platform in a planned way. You can even take the opportunity to convert your live systems into a virtual environment, making the transfer even easier.

On-site appliance for local file restore
Our self-configuring and self-managing appliance is able to gather and send snapshots to the cloud recovery platforms and also store local data backups. The local backups provide a fast and convenient way to recover more recent data much in the same way as you would from tape. But because the data has been through extensive testing on the recovery platforms you can be assured that the data on the appliance is complete and valid.

ISO 27001 audited security standards
Encryption and Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) technologies are used to protect snapshots during capture, transfer and storage. Overlaid are independently audited end-to-end ISO27001 security processes to ensure the best possible protection of your data and systems.

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