iPad in the Workplace

iPad is the most intuitive, engaging and powerful tools for business. With innovative hardware, software and services that deliver an amazing user experience, Apple empowers today’s modern workforce to do something great.

In a variety of sizes with apps fit for every task, iPad is the ultimate productivity tool for transforming your business workflow.

iPad and iOS are enabling every industry, every line of business and employees to work in astounding new ways.

  • Change the way you work by introducing Apps
    The introduction of Business Apps makes doing business even better, from creating presentations and spreadsheets to collaborating across teams.
  • Be more productive
    Make the most out of your day with iPad, uncover entirely new ways to create content, collaborate, stay organised and analyse data. Users can also work in two apps at the same time.
  • New dimensions of creativity.
    Employees can get their ideas across even faster and with greater precision. The Apple Pencil and iPad Pro makes it easier to design in detail, provide feedback with clear annotations and whiteboard big ideas.
  • Collaboration
    iPad makes it easier to collaborate with team members in real time. With apps built for sharing content and holding virtual meetings, there are now more ways for teams across your business to contribute ideas.
  • Powerful
    Even the most demanding apps run effortlessly on iPad. It’s never been easier to run reports, transform data into visually stunning graphs or process large files on the fly.
    The latest technology built into iPad Pro makes it possible to take on tasks that were once reserved for PCs. This means that even the most complex tasks, like rendering and manipulating designs are faster, smoother and more engaging.
  • IT and iPad
    Progressive IT departments everywhere are prioritising productivity by empowering employees with iPad. With the introduction of a Mobile Device Manager (MDM), it is easier to manage iOS devices on corporate networks, allowing you to deploy apps, secure devices and manage data with a user-centric approach.
  • Secure by design
    iOS devices are secure straight out of the box and deliver a great user experience. This is possible because Apple makes the hardware, software and services that power all iOS devices.
  • In-Built
    Advanced features in iOS protect the entire system and all apps on the device, seamlessly encrypting corporate and personal data. iOS has a secure boot process from the moment a device is turned on.
  • Manage the Fleet
    iOS and Mobile Device Management (MDM) offer smart ways to manage corporate data and apps discretely, seamlessly separating work and personal data. As a result, IT teams retain control of business resources, and personal data remains private for the user.
  • No Containers
    iOS removes the need for containers and dual workspaces that frustrate users and hinder productivity. The native management framework provided in iOS effortlessly manages data flow between apps. Per-app VPN ensures separate network pathways for personal and corporate data, while managed “Open in” prevents corporate attachments from being saved to personal apps or cloud services. From a user’s perspective, it’s seamless. And because corporate accounts, apps and content installed via MDM can be managed by iOS, IT teams can remove or upgrade them without affecting personal data.
  • Bring Your Own Devices.
    Employee devices can co-exist seamlessly with corporate devices. MDM keeps business resources separate from employee personal data and apps, safeguarding user privacy while protecting corporate data. By opting into MDM, users can access services like Wi-Fi, email and calendars, and view what is being managed. When access to the service is no longer needed, users can opt out of it at any time by removing the profile from their device.
  • Development
    With iOS and Apple programs, organisations can deploy devices and content with greater flexibility and control and the device can be fully set up and running in minutes. IT teams and users both benefit from streamlined setup, while built-in support for key technologies enables IT teams to quickly integrate iOS devices into an existing infrastructure.
  • Automation
    With the Device Enrolment Program (DEP), IT can automate enrolment in a third-party MDM solution, enabling zero-touch configuration on iPad and iPhone. Once a device is wirelessly supervised, additional controls like global proxy and always-on VPN can be enabled.
  • App Deployment
    The Volume Purchase Program (VPP) makes it easy to find, buy, and distribute or assign apps from the App Store to your users. With iOS 9, businesses can now assign and distribute apps directly to devices without the need for an Apple ID. VPP apps can be assigned to users or devices in any country where the app is available.

The most enterprising way to do business

Apple has partnered with the world’s leaders in enterprise services to scale iOS in businesses of any size and give employees the best user experience on their iPad. From integration with back-end systems and building a fast corporate network, to life cycle management and app development, SNAT is ready to deliver solutions fit for your business.
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