Snat services provide IT Teams in hundreds of companies with solutions to solve their business ICT requirements. Snat provides IT Vendor services and in house solutions for a wide range of problems. Through our custom software applications, manage print services, cloud solutions, hardware configurations, Maintenance contracts,licensing agreements and procurement services Snat can tailor a custom solution for your business.

IT Hardware & Software Procurement

Snat specialises in Hardware and Software procurement. Our Highly skilled team leverages and utilises it strong relationships with various vendors and distributors to provide our customers with the best solutions within budget.Our highly skilled team of software volume licensing experts, hardware procurement specialists and certified IT services professionals will be ready to assist any size business, regardless whether it’s a desktop refresh or a single license order. Our goal is to build a long-term relationship with our customers as the preferred supplier.

We are passionate in supplying the right solution the first time.

Cloud Services

We have partnered with some of the biggest and reliable cloud providers to provide our customer with Cloud services from Microsoft, HP, and Adobe.
Our cloud offering covers Software as service from Microsoft using office 365 and Multimedia and graphics software from Adobe. Cloud back up and recovery from HP Live vault and Cloud Recover to ensure your data is safe and backed up. We also provide Email Hosting via the cloud reducing time and cost managing your emails.

Maintenance and Licensing agreements

Software licensing and maintenance agreements can be a complex and time consuming to manage. Let us manage your software licenses and maintenance agreements, by helping you select the suitable licensing or maintenance agreement for your organisation. Our passionate software licensing and maintenance agreement team will be able to help you go through the finer details, help consolidate or co-term existing license with new licenses and services contracts from various vendors.
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Snat Vendor Program Assist (SNAT-VPA)

The technology market is very competitive and there can be several solutions for every requirement. Different manufacturers have different programs for the Government, Education and corporate sector as a value add. Snat specialises in the different programs that may be available to your sector. We can help you go through the different programs available and assist you in participating in the right program that can benefit your organisation.

Special bid and discount programs

There are many programs available from manufacturers and vendors and keeping track or knowing which program is applicable to your organisation can be confusing and time consuming. Let Snat help your business find the right discount program or level you may be eligible for and assist you to take advantage of them.


Time to time certain vendors may have trade-ins or trade-ups program that will be beneficial for your organisation. By taking advantage of these programs for your outdated technology, legacy software and equipment you can save money by benefiting from Trade-Ins or trade-up programs. Let Snat assist you in knowing when these programs are available.


Disposing old equipment can be costly and dangerous to the environment. Some Manufacturers have recycling programs in disposing of old equipment and consumables that is environmentally friendly. Snat can direct you through the most cost-effective options available from your technology manufacturers or programs when available.


Need a demo unit or a Demonstration on how a particular technology works. Snat may be able to arrange for you a demo unit or trial licenses to experience the technology in action if available. Through Our partner ships with our vendors and manufacturers Snat has access to solution architects, product specialist and expert that will be able to assist you in answering your questions or solutions.

Vendor Assist Pre-sales

Choosing the right Hardware and systems configuration is not an easy task. Need questions answered on a particular equipment or software? Snat presales Team can assist you with your queries. If we cannot answer them we will ask someone that can. We leverage Vendor specific Pre-sales Engineers, technical experts and solution Architects to help you Choose the right system for your environment. Snat’s presales team can assist you with technical specifications, Demo units if available, Vendor Demo Centres, product configurations and technical questions
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